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QuickPlan Slack BOT is your project management assistant, to communicate with project members for task schedule delivering, and to collaborate with your project members for task status updating and consolidation — via Slack

Simplify team communication and collaboration for project schedule!

FREE on the Mac App Store

One BOT for one Project on a Mac

BOT app running on your Mac to represents one project for a slack team

Everywhere you GO.

Chat to QuickPlan Slack BOT everywhere, via Slack apps for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and web.

Project schedule COMMUNICATION & COLLABORATION via Slack

Communicate with QuickPlan Slack BOT, for project information and task updating

In-processing tasks
Task details
Download project file

Create and download partial project to only include tasks assigned to you, or download whole project

Update task status

Request to update task % complete status, with notes if needed

Suggest new tasks

Suggest new tasks to project, to be consolidated by the project manager


Consolidate task updates and suggested tasks into project, to create a new project version

It just works!

Get it!