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The best practices to create project schedule efficiently?

  • As the quick start video shows:
    – Input task name continuously
    – Swipe left/right on task in outline view to update task outline level
    – Move task on Gantt chart to update task date
    – Double tap on task bar to update properties
  • Or using QuickPlan for Mac, create project on Mac and sync it to iOS device via iCloud Drive
  • Or draft tasks (task names line by line) in email on PC / Mac, send the text content to iPad, then paste text into the batch inputting dialog in QuickPlan
  • Or draft tasks in Microsoft Excel file, and import into QuickPlan as a new project. Learn more about Excel Importing

Task is not visible on Gantt Chart?

  • Double tap on Gantt chart, the task on the tapped line will be selected AND be moved to be visible in the Gantt chart.
  • Or select the task in the outline panel, the selected task will be moved to be visible if it is hidden.

How to quickly move the timeline to show today on Gantt chart?

Double tap on the timeline (at top of Gantt chart)

How to quickly scroll task list to top?

Double tap on empty space of toolbar.

Can’t find the exporting button when using QuickPlan for iPhone?

The toolbar is scrollable – this design helps to achieve high planning efficiency on the SMALL touch screen.


Can left panel (outline panel) be hidden?

Tap or move on the splitter button between left(outline) and right(Gantt chart) panels.

Can all the task groups be collapsed together?

Tap with TWO fingers (not double tap) on Gantt chart to collapse/expand all task groups together.

Where to edit project members?

Tap the project name on the toolbar to edit project properties include project members. Learn more

How to change project start date?

PAN at the timeline (at top of Gantt chart), or tap the project name on the toolbar to edit project properties include project start date.

Learn more

Project template?

Every project can be a template. Project can be duplicated as a new project, with options to specify the project start date

Our practice is to create a project group for all the typical projects we may use them as templates

How to import tasks from MS Excel?

  • Import from MS Excel to QuickPlan directly. Learn more …
  • QuickPlan suports to import Mobilinked WBS file as a new project, and Mobilinked WBS supports to import from MS Excel file

How to import from MS project and export to MS project?

What’s the relationship between QuickPlan and other apps?

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The practice to BACKUP?

QuickPlan maintains multiple projects include examples. All the projects displayed as tiles in home view are stored on the device only. For your critical project data, there are some options to keep the project data be safe:

  • QuickPlan supports “automatic dropbox backup”, please change the project property on home view to enable the option for the project
  • Store the project on iCloud Drive
  • In additional to preceding actions, our practice is that after project updated, manually export the project to Dropbox, Box cloud storage, or send by email. Just a few taps, as the operations are in-app actions. Projects can be imported from Dropbox, Box, Email and iTunes later.

Does QuickPlan support sync via iCloud?

How to share project across devices (transfer project from one device to others)?

Will QuickPlan provide all the features of MS Project?


  • QuickPlan will balance the functionalities and user experience on the iOS devices, to be more comfortable, more intuitive and more efficient.

  • Very fewer features of MS project be used by most of the planner, for the case if more functions required for business, QuickPlan is flexible enough to integrate with MS project, Mind Map, Excel, and other apps.

  • QuickPlan is being enhanced based on the practices of experts and the feedback from the users. For most of the users to use a simple app for the typical projects.

Need purchase the app separately for iPad and for iPhone?

“QuickPlan for iPad” and “QuickPlan for iPhone” are separated apps. The price amount is lower than almost all the other project planning Gantt apps, And compare to the Gantt apps with just OK quality, the price amount of QuickPlan for iPad and for iPhone is much more lower, although the quality of QuickPlan is the best.

The iPhone edition is not a simple copy of iPad version – for different devices, the user interface have been optimised based on the screen size to achieve higher efficiency. 

Developing separated apps for iOS devices is the choice for QuickPlan, compare to developing uniform app

  • For the users who need QuickPlan for iPad and iPhone, the price amount is same if to sale one uniform app.
  • For the users who just need to use the app on one type of device, they pay less.
  • Better design for different devices according to the screen size. These two apps are similar, but the menu and navigation are optimised for the devices.
  • Smaller app download size

As the complication of planning, we developed QuickPlan for iPad and iPhone separately

The difference of standard and pro editions?

Except some in-app purchase features in “QuickPlan for iPad”, the standard edition(QuickPlan for iPad) and pro edition(QuickPlan Pro for iPad) provide same functionalities.
We encourage the user to download the pro edition, as the pro version will always include all the features future. The Standard Edition is an alternative option for the users if they want to get the app at a low price (when they do not want to use the advanced features).