QuickPlan for iOS 8.6

QuickPlan for iOS 8.62018-03-28T02:57:52+00:00

What’s new

(Previous release notes – version 8.5)

The idea of this enhancement is also based on the user feedback, many thanks!

  • PDF exporting option to show two lines of text on taskbar

  • Image saving bug fixed

New PDF option

Create beautiful timeline easily and efficiently, which is super flexible for the business needs, not only for project roadmap and high-level plans, also used for common management planning purposes, such as team development plan, product plan, and short-term agendas. Roadmap for macOS supports to export as QuickPlan project (for the process concept, project roadmap is one input of the project schedule).

Roadmap is NOT a new version of QuickPlan

Release candidate is available for download, as usual, the quality of our beta apps are good enough.