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QuickPlan 8.0 is to support project synchronisation with QuickPlan for Mac, and deliveries the advanced features introduced in QuickPlan for Mac, include “skip non-working day” and “display as list with sorting and filtering support” features.


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Date schedule policy

“Date schedule policy” is an option to control if tasks can be laid out at non-working days, for the needs of “skipping non-working day”. By default, the option is disabled (the project tasks can be scheduled at any day freely).

By enabling the option of “ONLY layout tasks at WORKING DAYS”:

  • Task can only be laid-out at working day (the start and finish date of a task should be at working day)
  • When moving task, the task working days will be kept same
  • The working days of linked tasks will also be kept same if link constraint triggered

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Tap on project name to change the option:



If there are tasks scheduled at non-working days (start or finish date is at non-working day), we need change the date of the tasks to working day before changing the date policy. There is a quick list to show all the tasks scheduled at non-working day in list view.



Learn more at online user manual

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Sync via iCloud Drive

QuickPlan 8.0 enhances project synchronisation to support iCloud Drive

(some users may expect that if to open same project on two or more devices, after changed on one device, the changes will be shown in the opened same project on other devices. Because tasks in project schedule are in TREE structure, there is tight relationship between tasks compare to simple list apps such as Apple number, it will cause big problem when changing project at same time on more devices. For example, if to change outline level of tasks in a same task group on multiple devices, there is NO WAY for the app to keep tasks be lay out correctly. The way is that change on one device, after sync complete, open it on other device)

[checklist icon=”fa-circle” iconcolor=”#dd9933″ circle=”” circlecolor=”” size=”15px” class=”” id=””]
[li_item icon=””]On iOS devices, from version 8.0, the project files stored on device and and projects stored on iCloud Drive are displayed separately

ReleaseEight.1 ReleaseEight.2[/li_item]

[li_item icon=””]Support “Copy” from iCloud Drive to Device, and from Device to iCloud Drive

ReleaseEight.3 ReleaseEight.4[/li_item]

[li_item icon=””]The old iCloud sync feature deprecated, QuickPlan 8.0 will help to migrate from old iCloud storage to iCloud Drive (if there were projects be set as “auto iCloud sync” before version 8.0)


[li_item icon=””]On Mac, after QuickPlan for Mac be installed,  Project files on iCloud Drive can be directly accessed from the QuickPlan directory in the iCloud Drive.(Best practice: Access project files on iCloud Drive in-directly)


[li_item icon=””]On iOS devices, QuickPlan supports IN-APP iCloud Drive project files access – to list, open, copy, create and remove project files on iCloud Drive in QuickPlan

– List project files on iCloud Drive

– Copy from iCloud Drive to Device – Copy a project file on iCloud Drive to the device

– Copy from Device to iCloud Drive – Copy a project on the device to iCloud Drive,  to create a new project file or replace existing project file

– Open – Open a project file on iCloud Drive directly in QuickPlan (by default, the “open” menu is disabled by following the “Best practice to access iCloud Drive“, the option is set in the setting page)

– Create – Create a new empty project file on iCloud Drive directly

– Remove – Remove a project file from iCloud Drive. Please be noted that iCloud Drive is sync across all the devices, if removed the project file on one device, it also be removed on all the other devices! Please ref the “Best practice to access iCloud Drive” for your action.[/li_item]
[li_item icon=””]Troubleshooting

Please make sure SAME iCloud account on multiple devices, and iCloud Drive option is enabled in iCloud setting

The iCloud file transfer is controlled by the iOS system the OSX system, when the file changes will be synchronised to other devices depends on the network situation and how iOS/OSX coordinate the file transfer.  To check if the project files synchronisation completed, please check the project files in “iCloud Drive” app (developed by Apple) on the iOS device, and check in the iCloud Drive on the Mac device.


[li_item icon=””]Best Practice

QuickPlan supports direct access projects on iCloud Drive, but as iCloud Drive acts like a shared folder on the internet, sync conflict may be a problem sometimes. We strongly suggest to have a look at the Best practice to access iCloud Drive before getting started.[/li_item]

[li_item icon=””] Quick Start Video

[youtube id=”_JBJTw4oGtw” width=”960″ height=”540″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”&ref=0″ class=””]




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LIST display style

In addition to display project tasks in standard tree structure, QuickPlan 8.0 introduced the new list display style (in actual task structure is still tree structure). In list display style:

  • Tasks in Sub Project are included
  • Only display the real task – task groups are not included

List display style makes filtering and sorting be reality (if in tree structure, sorting and filtering is possible, but will confuse the users much more). QuickPlan provides some pre-defined list (called quick list), as shown in following the screenshots:


Best practice: The Quick List is very helpful when review project progress, for example in weekly review meeting using “tasks scheduled at THIS WEEK” list for quick review; and check all the delay tasks using “SLOW than schedule tasks” list. 


List display style also support sorting by some task columns (task name, start, finish, % complete, % work complete, contact)



Specially filtering by resource be supported.



Please be noted that the undo pool will be reset (previous actions can’t be undo) when changing display style, sorting and filtering (why? as the LIST is not the actual data structure, undo may break the data structure after changed display style)

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PDF and Excel column title

The title in the Exported PDF and Excel file can be customised




Notes, QuickPlan for Mac has more powerful control on PDF exporting (and the maximum PDF page size can be larger more, helps to exported in one page if possible)





We are eager to get more feedback and ideas from you to enhance the apps continuously. Appstore rating are reset with every new version of QuickPlan, please help us out with a good review. Tapping following link to write review or rate at Appstore.

Just a few clicks to help making QuickPlan be better.

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