QuickPlan for iPad / iPhone 8.1

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QuickPlan 8.1 enhances “TODAY” feature

  • Up to 5 projects can be included in “TODAY” project list
  • Today Widget is compatible with iOS10
  • Local Notification (for iOS 10 only). Fire local notification to show the summary of today in-processing tasks

    The notifications are LOCAL notifications created by the iOS device – QuickPlan app on your device will analyze tasks of the projects (selected by you in today setting), to create the notifications which will be presented by iOS at the time you set in today setting every day if there is in-processing tasks at the day.

    As the owner of the projects you created, all the project data are stored on your device and storage (on the iOS device you are using, on your iCloud Drive, or on the folder of Dropbox of the your account) – your projects are not stored on our server, and we have no access to analyze your project tasks to push “remote notification” from our server.

    So QuickPlan app on your iOS device will only to access the project data on your iOS device to create notifications for you.

    QuickPlan will create notifications for next 2 months from the last time QuickPlan launched.

“TODAY” setting
Display “TODAY” tasks In App
Today Widget
  • By default, the height of QuickPlan widget is minimum, you can tap on the “show more” button at right-top corner of the widget to change the widget height. There is a unknow issue that at the first time, tap the button does not take effect, please just tap the button again
  • For iOS 10, you may need to restart your iPhone if the background of the widget is still dark like in iOS9 (a bug of iOS 10)
Local Notification display summary of today in-processing tasks
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