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This guide covers the topics from creating a new project to printing, with some useful skills.

QuickPlan for macOS is a native client app, the users own the data created by the app, and the users take the ownership to share the files to other users if needed.

The project files created by users are saved on the mac device of the users (or stored on the cloud storage of the users with the user’s permission and by the user’s operation). There is no other server provided by Mobilinked to store and to share the project files created by the users (so the users are not be charged like “xx$ per user per month”)

The project schedule content are stored in .qpp file, sharing project schedules is to sharing .qpp files, for examples:

  • Traditional the way to share files via “Mac File Sharing

  • Transfer Files with AirDrop
  • Send Files Locally or Over the Internet with iMessage
  • Share via iCloud storage with permission control. For example sharing via Dropbox service

  • Share via web systems, such as MS SharePoint server

  • And many other solutions …

Normally to share files across iOS and macOS devices, cloud storage service is the suitable solution, like Dropbox which provides the apps for different platforms with very easy access support.

For an enterprise, security is a very important point for choosing a solution, public cloud storage may not be in the consideration. MS SharePoint server may be the suitable solution to share files inner the enterprise with easy access and permission control

We can share the whole project (.qpp file) to project members, or to share part of the project to project members (also via .qpp files), for example to include the tasks by specific project members, or by a specific date range, or of a selected project group, or the visible tasks when display in LIST style – these features can help the project managers to select the suitable methods to delivery / track project schedule with project members and sub project teams.

Share content by specific project member(s)

QuickPlan supports to export project by specific project member(s) to a new project, the new project will only include the tasks related to the specific project member(s) – this is a very useful feature for sharing project schedule across team members. We may like to share the new project to other project member directly, or exported as PDF / Image to other project members.

Share content by specific date range

Share content of selected task group

Share the visible tasks when display in LIST style

QuickPlan supports to display tasks in tree structure or in list style. When displaying tasks in list style, QuickPlan supports to export the visible tasks (so no task groups be included) as a new project.

About collaboration

Some users expect more than sharing for teamwork, for example following the requests

  • Multiple team members can edit same project schedule, and at same time (like Apple Number)

  • Project files automatically be sync to other users after changed

  • Other team members can access the project schedule without the app (for example via web)

And some users may think preceding the requests are natural today, and the price should be very cheap or be free like Apple Number. The reality is that the collaboration for project schedule is very complicated and may be much more expensive than expectation.

  • Microsoft Project Server is a flexible platform solution that provides support for resource management as well as functions for planning, reporting, and project team collaboration (that we know, there may be other solutions to be googled). To deploy MS Project Server for the enterprise, we need invest in software license (MS Project client and MS Project server) and hardware, we also need IT experts to be involved, training to all the team members, and other maintenance cost. The collaboration operation is not that automatically as expected
  • The tasks in project schedule have more tight relationships, such as parent-child relationship and task link relationship, and some task properties depend on the project properties, for example task work, task cost impact by project resource and project calendar. Whether we can change part of the project depends on other part of the project, and changing one part of the project schedule will impact other parts. There is no way to support multiple users to edit the project at same time (it’s possible to edit same project by multiple users, but not at same time) or same users to edit a project on multiple device at same time, as it will cause many logic problems. For example, removing a task group on one device and add a task to the task group on another device.

  • There are some web based project schedule solutions which are designed to support project team collaboration. If we can accept the user experience and the functionalities of the web apps they provided, and the price (normally for the web service with OK quality, the price is about ??$ per user per month), the web based project schedule platform may be the suitable option for us. QuickPlan is the native app to delivery the best experience of project planning, with low cost (We can not expect the web application can be the easy to use as the native appsand we will find the user experience of using QuickPlan is much more better than using other native gantt apps)

  • There are some good project management task tracking cloud service, such as Trello and MS Visual Studio Online – they are not for the project schedule, they are for team task tracking management

The practice for team project schedule working is that – one project member (normally the project manager) owns to maintain the project schedule, other project members provides INPUT of the project schedule, but other project member does not take responsibility to edit the project schedule. Give an example, for a new task, the project member will ask for input of the estimate from some of the project team members, and then to update the project schedule. It will not be that the project manager requests other project member to edit the project schedule.

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