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This guide covers the topics from creating a new project to printing, with some useful skills.

“QuickPlan for macOS” is a native document-based app, the users own the data created themselves by using “QuickPlan for macOS”, and the users take the ownership to share the files with other users when needed.

By default, the project files created by users are on the Mac device. Users can also select to stored them in a cloud storage with the user’s permission and controlled by the user’s operation. “QuickPlan for macOS” runs in the macOS sandbox, which does not apply permission to upload the project data create by the users to another place, and “QuickPlan for macOS” can only save the file to the folder on the Mac specified by the user (permission limitation controlled by macOS).  There is no a server provided by Mobilinked to store and to share the project files created by the users (as better security especially for enterprise user, and low cost – one primary reason why the users are not be charged like “1x$ per user per month”)

The project schedule content is stored in a .qpp file, sharing project schedules is to share files, for examples:

  • Traditional the way to share files via “Mac File Sharing

  • Transfer Files with AirDrop
  • Send Files Locally or Over the Internet with iMessage
  • Share via iCloud storage with permission control. For example sharing via Dropbox service

  • Share via web systems, such as MS SharePoint server

  • And many other solutions …

Usually, to share files across iOS and macOS devices, cloud storage service is the suitable solution, like Dropbox which provides the apps for different platforms with comfortable access support.

For an enterprise, security is a critical point for choosing a solution. Public cloud storage may not be in the consideration. MS SharePoint server may be the suitable solution to share files inner the enterprise with easy access and permission control

Additional to sharing a whole project file with other project members, we can also share part of the project with others. The partial project plan can include the tasks of specific project members, or in a particular date range, or of a selected project group, or the visible (filtered) tasks when display in LIST style. Helpful features for the project managers to choose the suitable method to delivery schedule to and track schedule with project members and sub-project teams.

Share content for specific project member(s)

QuickPlan supports to export project by specific project member(s) as a new project, and the new project will only include the tasks related to the particular project member(s) – this is a handy feature for sharing project schedule across team members. We may like to share the new project with another project member directly, or exported as PDF/Image file for other project members.

Share content by specific date range

Share content of selected task group

Share the visible tasks when displaying in LIST style

QuickPlan supports to display tasks in a tree structure or list style. When in list style, QuickPlan can export visible tasks only in a new project. (as in list style, so no task group will be included)


This guide section is for sharing plan with other users. Collaboration is another more complicated and a more significant topic, and different people have a different understanding. Someone may mean real-time communication, someone else may ask the capability to edit via the web, or just as they need help from other team members. Please do check out the article about collaborating topic with our practices if needed.

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