QuickPlan for macOS 2.2

QuickPlan for macOS 2.22017-09-03T10:55:01+00:00

What’s new

Two enhancements based on the feedbacks from the users (thanks).

Please also check out the previous release notes (for version 2.1)

  • Option to include “red today line” for PDF exporting

  • Create new project for selected MULTIPLE project members

“Red today line” in PDF file

Attention: The red line on the Gantt Chart in the user interface is always at the current time (today), but in the PDF file (and in the printed paper), the red today line will always at the time when exporting PDF file, this red line may confuse others very much after the day of exporting PDF.

Create new project for multiple project members

QuickPlan for macOS previous version supports to export project for one specific project member, to create a new project which only includes tasks assigned to the selected project member.

Now from this new version, we can select multiple project members to export as a new project.