QuickPlan for macOS 2.3

QuickPlan for macOS 2.32017-09-05T23:09:01+00:00

What’s new

(Previous release notes – version 2.2)

This version is to enhance the app according to ideas from the users (before we start version 3.0, the next big thing)

  • Adjust successor task date when creating link

  • Repeat task

Adjust the date of successor tasks when creating task link

QuickPlan does not to enforce to adjust the date of successor tasks when linking tasks

The app should act according to user’s intent. When creating links, the tasks being linked may be laid out well, or may not. Now QuickPlan allows the users to select what to do when linking tasks

  • Press “Command” key when linking task, the date of the successor tasks will be adjusted

  • If not press the “command” key, the linking task behavior will be same as before – the date of linked task will not be adjusted.

When “COMMAND” key being pressed
If “command” key NOT being pressed

Repeat task

Repeat task with options to control the frequency and target, supports to enclose repeated tasks in new task group or child project.