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Outline, Gantt and Updating panels

Maintaining tasks the way you like in three panels, with gestures and keyboard shortcuts supports. Every panel supports to maintain all the task properties, we can maintain task in one panel, or in multiples, like in a grid, a chart and a property list

  • Outline Panel likes a grid, supports row navigation and cell editing by tapping and gestures (QuickPlan for Mac also supports well designed keyboard shortcuts for quick cell navigation and editing)
  • Gantt chart supports to maintain task using gestures (on Mac, using mouse gesture)
  • Updating panel is a property list

Real task group, and sub project

QuickPlan the app to organize tasks in REAL task groups – task group really bind the tasks in the group together, to be displayed in a task group bar, and to be moved together as a real block.

QuickPlan also supports to organize tasks in Sub project, and supports to convert between sub project and task group.

This helps to organize and maintain tasks a new way – be more intuitive to organize tasks in groups and move them together by gesture, by replacing the complex task links; Also be convinient for team work such as tracking, QuickPlan for Mac supports to export task group as a new project, this will easy the work with sub team or particular project member.

Gesture based task link maintenance

Replacing input the task no (or wbs no) to create task link, QuickPlan (for iOS and for Mac) supports the more intuitive and faster way to maintain task links by gestures.

Additional task fields

In additional to the common task files (sequence no, wbs no, name, start, finish, duration, % comp, work, % physical comple, resource, labor cost, materials cost), QuickPlan provides following the additional columns

  • Task color – Colors to be selected simply, there is no default definition to the colors, the users can just use it for any purpose, for example to identify the task category by color.
  • Task icon  – Some icons be used to attached to task, there is no default definition to the icons, the users can just use it for the task status.
  • Contact – Define who is the owner of the task for reporting (Contact is not resource, for a task, multiple resources may be assigned. We may need to specify who will be the task owner to report status)

Copy / Paste task


Divide task as multiple tasks

DivideFeatureDivideFeature2 DivideFeature3

Repeat task

RepeatFeature1 RepeatFeature2 RepeatFeature3

Import task from other project

Display in TREE, and in LIST with sorting and filtering supports

In additional to displaying tasks in TREE (the actual) structure, QuickPlan supports to display tasks in a LIST, and provides some pre-defined quick lists for users to quick access special tasks in list, such as today in-process tasks. When in list view, QuickPlan supports to sort tasks, and supports to filter tasks specially by resource. QuickPlan for Mac and QuickPlan for iOS provide similar functionality on this feature.

Project editing lock

Disable/Enable task editing at toolbar

Task display row height option

There is an option to switch task row height to display more tasks in screen.